The domain name stamp of approval

About Verified Domains

The domain name stamp of approval

Choosing the right domain name can be a bit of a gamble. Verified Domains removes the uncertainty out of the process.

Make Sure Your Domain's History Isn't Pure Spam

Even if your content is amazing, the history of your domain name could be considered spam by the search engines. Get verified to ensure your domain's history won't hold you back from ranking well in search.

Don’t give search engines the freedom of labeling your site

Before investing in a domain name, protect your reputation and that of your business by getting it qualified as a Verified Domain. Our Certification Specialists put your potential domain name through rigorous testing, making it jump through hoops and go the whole nine yards to determine if it can be considered a Verified Domain.

Our patent pending service performs the necessary due diligence to determine a domain name’s reputation, so you don’t have to. We don’t just run it through Google and wash our hands of it. We check up to 45 different data points to make sure that the domain name is as clean as a whistle. If it has a bad track record, you’ll be informed of its issues.

  • Whois History Review
  • Review of Former Site Topic
  • Email Blacklist Check
  • Search Engine Reputation Review
  • DNS Health Check
  • Up to 45 other manual reviews of various data points

Verified Domains is run by SEO and Domain Name Experts

Verified Domains was the brainchild of Bill Hartzer, a nationally recognized SEO expert and Senior Strategist at Globe Runner, a leading digital agency based in Dallas, Texas. 

We are so confident in every domain assessment we conduct that we guarantee it. Purchasing a domain name assessment from Verified Domains includes a buy back guarantee of up to $50,000.