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ZDNet Blames Google for Traffic Loss After Buying Domain Name

ZDNet blamed Google for a large traffic loss and the banning of their website when they bought and moved to a new domain name. However, after corresponding with Michael Krigsman from ZDNet, he admitted that a thorough background check and history of the new domain name was not done. Had Mr. Krigsman ordered a background […]

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Newark Nut Company Bought Nuts.com, Suffered Traffic Loss

The Newark Nut Company, founded in 1929 by Sol Braverman, sold bulk nuts and dried fruit in an open-air market on Newark New Jersey’s Mulberry Street. Several generations and 80 years later, Sol Braverman’s grandson, Jeffrey Braverman, had joined the business and moved the company‚Äôs focus to selling nuts on the internet. After using the […]

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Why Verified Domains?

I’ve been asked several times about where the concept and the idea for Verified Domains came from. Well, frankly the idea came as a result of necessity. Whenever we make large purchases or high-value purchases like cars, homes, or real estate, it’s standard for us to require a background check. We want to know the […]

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