Google Creates Alphabet and Registers .XYZ Domain Name, Then Crashes with BMW

Google Creates Alphabet and Registers .XYZ Domain Name, Then Crashes with BMW

Google recently created a new holding company called Alphabet. This new company, Alphabet, is going to be the parent company, and will essentially own Google, as well as other companies. When Larry Page named the company, however, it appears that he didn’t order due diligence or a service like our Verified Domains service. Why? There is already an Alphabet, a subsidiary of BMW, and their website is

According to a New York Times article, BMW doesn’t want to sell their domain name. And the NY Times also reports that “BMW is examining whether any trademark infringement has taken place, Ms. Sandstede said.”

BMW is examining whether any trademark infringement has taken place.

What’s obvious to me is that the executives at Google didn’t think about the potential legal consequences of naming their company Alphabet. They certainly didn’t try to buy the domain name, and instead decided to use ABC.XYC as their domain name. Using a new gTLD domain name is a very interesting move, which potentially legitimizes the use of the new domain extensions, such as .XYZ. Google, by the way, owns Charleston Road Registry, Inc., who owns TLDs such as .chrome, .youtube and .google, and .app.

When you order a Verified Domains report, and choose a Verified Plus or Verified Premium report, we include checks such as a basic trademark search. Customized reports can include full trademark searches for an additional fee. If Larry Page had ordered one of our reports, we would most likely have NOT verified the ABC.XYZ domain name, because of the potential trademark issues that are involved.

Now, Google has crashed with BMW, and I am sure that Alphabet’s lawyers will be hearing from BMW’s lawyers. This is ironic, though, as it’s not Google’s first run-in with BMW. Google banned BMW from their search engine back 2006.


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