Newark Nut Company Bought, Suffered Traffic Loss

Newark Nut Company Bought, Suffered Traffic Loss

Newark Nut Company Moves Domain

The Newark Nut Company, founded in 1929 by Sol Braverman, sold bulk nuts and dried fruit in an open-air market on Newark New Jersey’s Mulberry Street. Several generations and 80 years later, Sol Braverman’s grandson, Jeffrey Braverman, had joined the business and moved the company’s focus to selling nuts on the internet. After using the domain name for years, being referred as by Rachael Ray, Mr. Braverman sought out to buy and move the company website there. But the company didn’t do their due diligence on The failed to look into the background of the domain name they were going moving to,

Before moving to, the company failed to do a through background check of the domain name.

When the Newark Nut Company moved to their new domain name,, they soon saw a very large drop in organic search traffic from the Google search engine. The company lost up to 150 orders a day:

“But despite high hopes and careful planning, the site’s traffic took a dive, especially in terms of organic search traffic. The site, which had been averaging more than 30,000 visits each week from non-paid Google searches, saw its non-paid traffic fall 70 percent two weeks after the switch. Almost three months later, it was still down more than 50 percent. That cost the company 100 to 150 orders a day, Mr. Braverman said…” according to a New York Times article.

There are several things that the company could have done in order to minimize the loss of traffic and sales because of the move. Had Newark Nut Company spent the time to fully research the prior history of, they would have known that the topic of the domain name was NOT about nuts. There was a long debate about how the actual move of the website should have been done, but our recommendation would not to simply move the domain name. Since it was on a different topic, which would have been uncovered by a Verified Domains check, a new site should have been put on the domain at first, letting it get indexed by the search engines. Then, after a period of time, the site (or parts of the site) could be moved once the new topic of the site was established.

Back when the Newark Nut Company bought their domain name, Verified Domains did not exist. I’m sure that if our service was offered, Jeffrey Braverman could have saved his company from losing 150 orders a day in sales.


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