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Performing a Site Topic Review of a Domain Name

Performing a Site Topic Review of a Domain Name

We created Verified Domains in order to help find problems with domain names before you use them on the web for commerce. In this series of blog posts, I go through many of the issues that we address in our Verified plan, our most basic plan. In one of my last posts, I wrote about the Whois History Review that we do as a part of Verified Domains’ service. This time, let’s review what’s involved in checking the former site topic of a domain name.

During our former site topic review, we like to use the “Wayback Machine”, the archive.org website. This allows you to enter any URL and see if it has been archived. From time to time (depending on the popularity of the website), this website will archive the website’s content. Below, we entered the domain name TheaterTickets.com to see the former topic of the site.

former site topic review

The archive.org results show you a calendar of the dates when they archived the page you requested. In this case, we chose TheaterTickets.com, picked a date, and found this:

coming soon page

In this case, the domain name owner didn’t do anything with it–their domain name registrar, register.com, provided a “coming soon” page.

Site topic former page

We then picked another date, later on, and we found that the domain name TheaterTickets.com was, in fact, a live website at one point: selling tickets online. This is what we fully expect.

If the domain name had something other than a “coming soon” page or a page selling tickets, we’d be a little worried (especially if the former site on that domain name was something other than a ticket website). A Coming Soon page is just fine, this is expected, as well, and generally speaking there isn’t a problem with putting a new website on a domain name that had a former “coming soon” page on it.

The manual review of a site’s former topic, the “Review of Former Site Topic” is one of the items that we check when you order our basic report, the Verified plan. This includes:

  • Whois History Review
  • Review of Former Site Topic
  • Email Blacklist Check
  • Search Engine Reputation Review
  • DNS Health Check

Our Verified plan includes a manual review of over 15 different data points, which is good enough for many domain name owners.


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