Protect Your Brand with a <span>Verified Domain</span>

Protect Your Brand with a Verified Domain

Find out if a domain will be an asset or a liability before opening your wallet. With a Verified Domains assessment, you get a comprehensive picture of a domain name's provenance.


  • $5,000 Buy Back Guarantee
  • Whois History Review
  • Review of Former Site Topic
  • Email Blacklist Check
  • Search Engine Reputation Review
  • DNS Health Check
  • Over 15 manual reviews of various data points
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Verified Plus

  • $25,000 Buy Back Guarantee
  • All Previous "Verified" Level Checks
  • Prior Domain Sales Review
  • UDRP Domain Dispute Review
  • Social Media History Review
  • US Trademark Review
  • Over 30 manual reviews of various data points
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Verified Premium

  • $50,000 Buy Back Guarantee
  • All "Verified" and "Verified Plus" Checks
  • Extensive Whois & Search Engine Review
  • Domain Reputation Check
  • Email Sender and Reputation Check
  • Malware Check
  • Over 45 manual reviews of various data points
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Verify before you buy

You do due diligence before buying a house, a car or a business. Given how critical your domain is to your brand, shouldn't you conduct a background check on it?

Enterprise Level Verification

Are you a domain investor, an advertising agency handling domain registrations for a client, or the marketing department of a company handling its brand assets? Verified Domains offers bulk pricing for volume assessments. Click below to discuss your requirements and timeline.

Verified Domains Buy Back Guarantee

Every Verified Domains assessment is guaranteed 100% accurate as of the day it was issued. If you find any inaccuracy in your assessment within 30 days, we will reimburse you for the amount paid for the domain up to $50,000.