ZDNet Blames Google for Traffic Loss After Buying Domain Name

ZDNet Blames Google for Traffic Loss After Buying Domain Name

ZDNet blamed Google for a large traffic loss and the banning of their website when they bought and moved to a new domain name. However, after corresponding with Michael Krigsman from ZDNet, he admitted that a thorough background check and history of the new domain name was not done. Had Mr. Krigsman ordered a background check and report from Verified Domains, he would have known not to move to their new domain name until it was cleaned up.

ZDNet Buys Domain Loses Traffic

ZDNet runs a successful micro-site called CXO Talk, where they interview C-level executives. I really like their format and the content they produce. They had been using the CXO-Talk.com domain name for several years, and when CXOTalk.com became available on a GoDaddy.com auction, they jumped at the chance and bought the name. Without giving any thought, they immediately moved from CXO-Talk.com to CXOTalk.com.

ZDNet moved their successful CXO Talk to a new domain name. But failed to do their due diligence and perform a background check.

Once they moved the site, they thought that they had set up the proper redirects to the new website and moved the content. But within days, the traffic from Google went down and was non-existent. The website was banned in Google for “pure spam”, as shown below:

CXO Talk pure spam

When ZDNet moved to the new domain name, the CXOTalk.com domain had been previously used for spam. It contained spam content, and had spam links pointing to it. Google had already banned the domain name, so that’s why the previous owner sold the domain. After failing to do a background check and perform due diligence, ZDNet knew nothing about this–and moved the domain name anyway, inheriting all of the past history of that domain name. Therefore, the new website was banned by Google immediately.

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