Buying a domain?

Buying a domain?

Avoid domains with a checkered past. Get a Verified Domains report today.

What are Verified Domains?

Verified Domains is the world's first background check service for domains. Our patent-pending process investigates whether the domain you want to buy has been used for illegal activity, been penalized by search engines, has pending trademark or dispute issues, and other factors that may negatively impact your investment. 

Verified Domains reviews up to 45 different data points that could affect a domain name. We believe in our service so much that every assessment includes a buy back guarantee of up to $50,000.

Break the internet, not your brand

Your domain is often your brand’s storefront, the first impression made on customers, investors and the world at large. Before committing to a domain name, protect your reputation and that of your business by getting it qualified as a Verified Domain.

Our Certification Specialists perform the necessary due diligence to determine a domain name’s reputation so you don’t have to. We check over 30 different issues in order to make sure that the domain name you’re eyeing is as clean as a whistle. If it has a bad track record, you’ll be informed of its shortcomings.

Getting your domain verified is the proactive way to protect your brand and reputation. Vet your site before you use it to build your business. Your domain should be an asset, never a liability.


Why Verify Your Domain?

Buying a domain name is like buying a home. Although homes look similar, each one has a unique story to tell.

Your desired domain name has a story too and oftentimes, it may not be the best. What if it had a reputation as a spam website or contained inappropriate or even illegal content? What if it had earned a penalty from a search engine and was banned?

Doing due diligence on a domain for your brand is a smart way to protect your investment and your good name. With a Verified Domains assessment, you'll get a complete picture of any domain that you're planning to purchase, as well as peace of mind.

3 Reasons to Go Verified

Verify your domain to turn it from a potential liability into a 100% opportunity for success. We remove the risk from your domain investment so you can build your brand with confidence.

Gain Control

Control what surfaces on search engines when your domain is looked up

Research Before You Buy

Investigate a domain first to avoid the enormous expense of rebranding

Protect Your Investment

Ensure that your domain is spotless to protect your brand equity and grow brand value