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17 Percent of Domains on Domain Auction Sites Have Link Spam Problems

17 Percent of Domains on Domain Auction Sites Have Link Spam Problems


Are you bidding on a domain name that’s up for auction on GoDaddy, NameJet, or SnapNames? Well, there’s a chance that the domain name you’re about to buy has a serious link spam problem. In other words, before you use it for your website, you are going to need to spend a lot of time, and maybe even need to hire an SEO, to clean up the domain’s link spam problem. In our latest research, we found that over 17 percent of the domain names currently up for auction on 3 of the popular domain name auction sites have link spam problems. We wouldn’t use any of those domains for our website unless the link spam is cleaned up.

Verified Domains tested thousands of domain names up for auction on popular domain name auction websites to see if they had spam problems caused by previous owners.

GoDaddy’s domain name auction platform,, had the highest percentage of domains with spam problems, at a whopping 27.19 percent. SnapNames came in at 13.18 percent, and NameJet’s domain names came in at 11.19 percent. The average amongst all three domain auction platforms was 17.186 percent.


On GoDaddy’s auctions, we gathered the Featured and Most Active domain names as of August 13, 2015 and then used our proprietary Verified Domains process to determine whether or not each domain name had a spam problem or not. We found that 27.19 percent of these domain names have issues with them that will need to be addressed before they’re used for an active, live website.


On NameJet’s auctions, we gathered all of the current domain names that are up for auction and had at least one current bid. Amongst NameJet’s domain names, we found that only 11.19 percent had spam problems. These domain names, as well, will need to be cleaned up before they’re used.


On SnapNames’ auctions, we gathered all current domain names on auction. 13.18 percent of those domain names had spam problems caused by previous owners. Again, before any of those domain names are used for a live website, they’ll need to be cleaned up of all spam.

Here is a small chart that shows the actual numbers:

GoDaddy Auctions – 2041 total domains tested – 27.19 percent have spam issues
NameJet – 3164 total domains tested – 11.19 percent have spam issues
SnapNames – 3603 total domains tested – 13.18 percent have spam issues

* All domain names were tested for spam problems on August 13, 2015. This is only preliminary data, we plan on continuing to gather data and will continue to test, releasing more data in the near future.

Before you purchase a domain name at a domain name auction website, if you plan on using the domain name for a live website, then you absolutely need to make sure that the domain name is clean and clear of any spam issues caused by previous owners of that domain name. When a domain name changes ownership, the problems with the domain name don’t go away. All problems and spam issues need to be addressed and cleaned up. Just like buying a used car, make sure you do your due diligence and get it checked out before driving that car.

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