Why verify a domain name? What’s in it for me?

Before you spend a lot of time, effort, and marketing dollars promoting your website on a particular domain name, it’s important to get it checked out.

The domain name you’re buying or going to use for your website could have been used by someone else, another company, or even a spammer in the past. Even if it is a 'new' domain name, it could have been used by someone else several years ago. They could have used it for spam, or some illegal activities, even if the domain name looks innocent.

Verified Domains gives you peace of mind that the domain name is clean and ready for commerce in the future.

What happens if you find something wrong with the domain name?

If you pay us for a verification, and we find that the domain name does not pass our rigorous process and “background check” so to speak, then we’ll tell you. We will tell you what we found, and how to go about fixing it. When you’re confident it’s cleaned up, you can submit it again for verification.

What do I get with a Verified Domain assessment?

When you purchase a verification for a domain name, we will put the domain name through our rigorous due diligence and background checks for the domain name.

Our domain verification specialists manually look at the data and make a determination if they will verify the domain name or not. If it passes, the domain name becomes verified. That comes with our Verified Domains Buy Back Guarantee of up to $50,000.

You will receive a PDF file that contains details of the verification, along with the Guarantee, as proof of verification. You will also be able to check the domain name’s verification status at any time in the future.

What if you verify the domain name and I discover a problem?

When we verify a domain name, we will verify the domain name as of a certain date. If, within 30 days of that date, you find that the information we provided is incorrect, and the domain name should not have been verified, then the Verified Domains Buy Back Guarantee goes into effect.

If we cannot fix the problem with the domain name, we’ll buy the domain name from you for the price that you paid for the domain. See the Verified Domains Buy Back Guarantee for specific details.

How can you offer a guarantee on a domain name?

What we’re offering is a guarantee on the service that we’re providing, which is a service of performing due diligence and a background check on the domain name.

If the data that we use to perform this due diligence and the background checks on the domain name are incorrect, we’ll fix it so that you can use the domain name in the future for your business.

Why is your service so expensive?

Verified Domains uses a patent-pending process that includes over 30 different data points to check the merchantability of the domain name.

One of our trained Verified Domains Certification Specialists manually reviews all of the data and makes a decision on whether or not to verify the domain. We also include up to $50,000 of “insurance” as a part of our Verified Domains Buy Back Guarantee.

A Verified Domains assessment is a thorough background check of the domain you're planning to buy. Removing the risk from a key purchase is not so much an expense as it is a smart investment. Isn't your brand worth it?

Can I submit more than one domain name for verification?

Certainly. We welcome domains submitted one-by-one or even a group of domain names. There are discounts available for submitting multiple domain names for verification. Contact us for a custom quote.

I’m a domain investor. Is there any point in verifying domains?

By verifying your domain names before you sell them, you can essentially ask for a higher price.

You’re giving the domain buyer peace of mind by taking the extra step of conducting a background check. A Verified Domain means that the domain name has been cleared of any potential problems with the domain name.

Offering to pay for a domain verification from Verified Domains can be a great sales tactic to close the deal so to speak, and is an added incentive for the buyer to purchase your domain.

Do you offer an affiliate, reseller or partner program?

Yes, we do offer both an affiliate program and a partner program. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in either of these.