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Performing an Email Blacklist Check on Your Domain Name

Performing an Email Blacklist Check on Your Domain Name

We created Verified Domains in order to help find problems with domain names before you use them on the web for commerce. In this series of blog posts, I go through many of the issues that we address in our Verified plan, our most basic plan. Previously I wrote about how to perform a site topic review, and before that I told you how to perform a whois history check. In this post, I’ll tell you how to perform an email blacklist check on your domain name.

When we send an email, first that email goes through our ISP (Internet Service Provider) and then it essentially gets to the receiver’s ISP. There are some technical things that happen in-between, but that’s the basic concept. Before that email is delivered to the recipient, though, and they’re allowed to open your email, it goes through some filters, in most cases.

One of those filters is a check to see if the domain name or IP address sending that email is on an email blacklist. If your domain name is on an email blacklist, then when you send an email the recipient won’t get the email you send. There are several (a rather large list, in fact) of email blacklists. Here’s a sample list:

BSB Domain
Spamhaus DBL
Squid Malicious

Verified Domains uses a list of over one hundred email blacklists and checks a domain name using our service against those lists. There are several free ways that you can test your domain name to see if it’s on an email blacklist. The MX Toolbox is one that we recommend:

Here is a sample of the results:

email blacklist check

In this example above, the domain name checked out just fine. If there was a problem, then the tool will notify you which blacklist the domain name (or the IP address where the domain name is located) is on and who to contact to get it removed. It’s pretty common that a domain name could be on one particular list but not on another list.

Here are a few other email blacklist check tools that you can use, as well:


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