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How to See the Whois History of a Domain Name

How to See the Whois History of a Domain Name

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Here on the Verified Domains blog, I’ve talked about performing a whois history check on a domain name. In that post, I went into detail about the data points, and what to look for, such as:

— who owns the domain name now
— who has owned it in the past
— has the domain changed hands a lot
— has the domain been listed as private
— has the domain changed name servers often
— what is the history of the name servers?

Typically one of the services that we use is Domain Tools, who has a pretty good service when it comes to domain name whois history. But Domain Tools isn’t the only source for whois history. Here are few others:

— Domain Tools
— Reg.com
— Who.is
— DomainHistory.net
— WhoisRequest.com
— Whoisology

At this point, the leader in this space really is Domain Tools, but if you’re doing a comprehensive check on one particular domain name, you’d want to check the domain name on all of those services/tools to see if there are any inconsistencies that you can spot. Sometimes one will have different information that others are not reporting.


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