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Why Verified Domains?

Why Verified Domains?

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I’ve been asked several times about where the concept and the idea for Verified Domains came from. Well, frankly the idea came as a result of necessity. Whenever we make large purchases or high-value purchases like cars, homes, or real estate, it’s standard for us to require a background check. We want to know the history of what we’re buying, and be aware of any potential risks or issues that may come up after we acquire the real estate or start driving that car. So why don’t we perform background checks and do due diligence on domain names?

Domain names are considered to be virtual real estate. And in the domain name aftermarket, we have seen sales of domain names from $100 to several million US dollars. Even if the domain name you are buying (or thinking of buying) is $10, it is a high-value purchase. You are going to make that domain name home on the web. You will invest time and money into marketing it. It will be used for email. It will be your public-facing internet website address. But what if that domain name was used a few years ago for spam? Or, worse, maybe it contained objectionable content or even illegal content?

Having personally been creating websites and marketing them online since 1996, I have seen plenty of good domain names that have had their share of objectionable content on them, and seen plenty of spammers literally ruin good domain names overnight. They will buy a domain name, use it for a certain period of time until they’re “caught” or banned in the search engines, and then buy another domain name and put the same content on it. They use what they call “throw away domains”. That “throwaway domain” of a spammer could be the perfect domain name for your business. You buy the name and start using it. Then you find that there’s bad traffic coming to it, and it’s banned in the search engines. It was used to send spam, and none of your emails are being delivered.

You will never know what the website was used for previously, who previously owned that domain name, and if it will cause your business harm in the future unless you perform due diligence on that domain name. That is why we created the Verified Domains service. We will perform that due diligence, that background check for you. We’ll tell you if the domain name is “clean” or not, and if it is okay to use it in commerce in the future.

What Could Happen If You Don’t Verify Your Domain
A lot of things could go wrong or cause you problems in the future if you don’t use our Verified Domains service. Some of the issues we have seen in the past include:
– Domain name banned in the search engines
– Domain name has bad, unnatural, or low quality backlinks
– Domain name is on email blacklists
– Domain name has UDRP disputes filed against it
– Domain name has previously hosted malware
– Domain name has fake traffic

Each of these issues will cause headaches and problems if they’re not cleaned up. A banned domain name will cause search engine visibility issues. When someone searches for your company name, your website won’t be found in the search engines. It will potentially cost you thousands of dollars to hire a qualified SEO company to get the ban revoked by the search engines. Bad, unnatural, or low quality backlinks will cause unwanted traffic to your website, maybe even cause bots to fill your online forms with spam. Email won’t be delivered to its recipient when you send it.

A UDRP domain dispute, if there have been disputes filed, make come up again and cause legal issues with the domain name. If the site has previously hosted malware, then there could be issues related to the site’s reputation and search engine ranking issues. And finally, if the website has fake traffic being sent to it, you would want to know that before you purchase the domain name: the seller may be inflating the traffic in order to make it look like the domain name is more valuable (which would bring up the price of the domain name).

Why You Need Our Verified Domains Service
I’ve already mentioned several reasons why it make sense to perform due diligence on a domain name before you invest in it. You’re going to not only buy the domain name, but you’re going to be investing time and marketing dollars to promote that domain name. In future posts I’ll show you specific companies that have lost thousands of visitors and potential customer because they didn’t use a service like Verified Domains. Had they known the potential problems that they would encounter when moving to their new domain name, they could have handled those issues ahead of time.


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